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Kendinden Yürüyüşlü Makaslı Platform Çeşitleri

Kendinden Yürüyüşlü Makaslı Personel Yükseltici
  • Working Height up to 18 m
  • Maneuvers easily with tight inside turning radius
  • Indoor and out door use
  • Traction at maximum height
  • Front hydraulic drive with electrical control on platform
  • 2 selectable drive speed
  • Proportional joistick control
  • Manual platform extension 1,0m
  • Manual emergency lowering device
  • Line rapture valves to protect free fall of the platform
  • Overload sensor
  • Crane and forklift points
  • Lifting capacity up to 400 kg
  • Welded steel construction according to stress concentration
  • Emergency stop button on control panel
  • Control cable enclosed inside the lift arms
  • Removable safety rails
  • Safe and reliable hydraulic and electric system
  • Lowering buzzer signal